Wednesday, 7 April 2010

What a lovely day, I feel like the luckiest girl ever at the moment!
I keep using this blog these days to update with something amazing thats happend instead of reffering back to it when something terrible or shit has happend.
Sam suprised me with taking me to the Chill Factor to snowboard today which was hilarous, lots of falling over and snow fights, we must of looked like two smug-loved up fools rolling around in the snow. I don't care :)
We nipped across the way to grab some cheeky Krispy Kremes too, mmmmm and jumped on a bus to Oxford Road and spent ages in Font sipping apple mojitos and munching on nachos.
Apart from the general loveliness of my boyfriend and the disgustingly romanticness of us both right now, I've been attempting to sort out my student accomodation for Edinburgh which is proving to be a NIGHTMARE!
Therefore a partial part of my day tomorrow is dedicated to sorting out where the frick I'm going to live this september and the whole of next year...
Work tomorrow then Edinburgh and pasta planning with the girls on friday, one week until our girly adventure and seeing Laura Marling ahhh!
Seriously, can life get more exciting right now?

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