Sunday, 13 June 2010

open air cinemas in Basel

4 more weeks to go until I head to Basel (Switzerland) avec Sam! Were going to check out the OrangeCinema festival which is basically huge open air cinemas dotted around Basel, Zurich, Bern in really beautiful areas.

People hang out at night and watch hollywood movies or world cinema films, I'm so very hyped for this!

Art college FINITO!

Day 2 of an art-stress-free summer is beginning as I speak, what a flurry these past 12 weeks have been. Hours of creating, sketching, plotting, cutting, painting have been spent locked in my room like some hermit and countless long days at college have ALL abrubtly come to an end....
Thats it. Finito. Fin.
So soon its ended that I didn't really encounter what I would do with myself now that I don't have to sew, scribble and sketch into something 24/7.
I'm sort of twiddling my thumbs and fidgeting not really knowing what to do with myself. I've adopted such a productive frame of mind that its proving to be difficult to just.....relax.
So thats what I'm working on doing this week, just, to, relax.
The final exhibition is on the 22nd of June and until then the most productive thing I need to do is read Lolita and Eat Pray Love.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Just because you forgot doesn't mean your forgiven.

Monday, 19 April 2010

update on edinburgh trip at easter

Just returned back from a 4 day adventure to Edinburgh with Hannah and Amy where we stayed in this crazy hostel called the castle rock and shared a 14 room dorm with random girls and were greeted at reception by crazy Australian staff who reassured us constantly we'd have " A WICKEDD TIME YAH"

Highlights including: Miss Laura Marling the first night we arrived, such a beautiful and effortless talent she beholds! She silenced the room with her songs and banter, even Amy had an almighty nosebleed as soon as she walked on stage, she literally exploded with excitment.

Boy & Bear who supported Laura Marl are definately worth checking out, very Bon Iver/Fleet Foxes/The Shins and did a beautiful cover of Flume by Bon..

Also caught up with the lovely Joy who is living in Edinburgh slap bang in the center and generally having a blast (tres jealous) me and hannah spent the evening dancing with her in the Hive this wicked underground sort of cave nightclub that played everything from Vampire Weekend to Noah and the Whale..

Generally lounging in the sun in the meadows, picnics, meals and cake stops out were had and on the very last day we thought it'd be good for our legs to walk up Arthurs Seat.

Half an hour into the walk, me and hannah realised Topshop dresses and inappropriate footwear was defintately not suitable for this walk...Que lots of dress flying up and flashing poor hiking scottish people!

OH! I also discovered where I'm going to be living in Edinburgh this September and the whole of next year, with two lovely scottish ECA girls who have a pet hamster called Pandora :)

(picture of the street I'm living on is at the top!)

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

What a lovely day, I feel like the luckiest girl ever at the moment!
I keep using this blog these days to update with something amazing thats happend instead of reffering back to it when something terrible or shit has happend.
Sam suprised me with taking me to the Chill Factor to snowboard today which was hilarous, lots of falling over and snow fights, we must of looked like two smug-loved up fools rolling around in the snow. I don't care :)
We nipped across the way to grab some cheeky Krispy Kremes too, mmmmm and jumped on a bus to Oxford Road and spent ages in Font sipping apple mojitos and munching on nachos.
Apart from the general loveliness of my boyfriend and the disgustingly romanticness of us both right now, I've been attempting to sort out my student accomodation for Edinburgh which is proving to be a NIGHTMARE!
Therefore a partial part of my day tomorrow is dedicated to sorting out where the frick I'm going to live this september and the whole of next year...
Work tomorrow then Edinburgh and pasta planning with the girls on friday, one week until our girly adventure and seeing Laura Marling ahhh!
Seriously, can life get more exciting right now?

sophie is a dahlll


-leon (Joy's blog kindly reminding me..)
- Blue Valentine (Ryan Gosling/Michelle Williams, my god!)
- Paris J'taime

I saw Sophie Dahl's new cooking show last evening.
I've decided I'm going to live, eat, look, dress and generally BE her when I'm older.
What a babe.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Ellie Goulding and apple mojitos

What another beaut of a week..

me & sophie knott went to watch Ellie Goulding in manchester on Tuesday, she was so humble and down to earth. She sang more beautifully on acoustic songs like "wish i stayed" but was really impressive when she hammered on these huge glittery drums in "salt skin" and starry eyed...

...oh shes also like the size of my pinky finger.

we also got nicely mellowed out in Font, sipping apple mojito's listening to Velvet Underground and munching on nachos. Mmmmmm..

Then on WEDNESDAY, me, hannah and amy (and pretty much Sam) were predicted to recieve distinction for our art foundation course. I know we were supposed to keep it secret, but how can you not be a LITTTTTTTLE bit pleased to say that theres only 9 out of 63 on the course predicted a distinction? ;)