Saturday, 3 April 2010

Ellie Goulding and apple mojitos

What another beaut of a week..

me & sophie knott went to watch Ellie Goulding in manchester on Tuesday, she was so humble and down to earth. She sang more beautifully on acoustic songs like "wish i stayed" but was really impressive when she hammered on these huge glittery drums in "salt skin" and starry eyed...

...oh shes also like the size of my pinky finger.

we also got nicely mellowed out in Font, sipping apple mojito's listening to Velvet Underground and munching on nachos. Mmmmmm..

Then on WEDNESDAY, me, hannah and amy (and pretty much Sam) were predicted to recieve distinction for our art foundation course. I know we were supposed to keep it secret, but how can you not be a LITTTTTTTLE bit pleased to say that theres only 9 out of 63 on the course predicted a distinction? ;)


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